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Česká verze

KLADIVO for ZX Spectrum +2A

KLADIVO "Kladivo" is in Czech hammer, and this name completely defines the manner of working with this tool. It allows to break a program and switch to another one (usually debug tool) in external RAM. The documentation is just on the paper so it results in the only scanned schematic with appropriate big size.
The function is following. After pressing the button address bus is scanned for an execution of an instruction in RAM (above ROM - above 16k - A14 # A15 = 1). Then the internal ROM is disabled by transistors and a non mascable interrupt NMI is invoked. Then the processor is going to run a program in external RAM.

Small schematic - The size of big one is 62k !

The bigger version of the schematic you can get by clicking on the picture above, but you should mind that its file size is about 62kB.

All the best and good luck from Petr Simandl
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Last change : 20.8.1999