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Overclocked pentium 133 to 166MHz passive cooler

There is a lot of ways how to increase performance of the computer. Don't run Windows and similar programs, tune up setting of BIOS and system or overclock the processor. Very nice overview of these methods is on page
I've overclocked my pentium 133 to 166MHz. So it was necessary to improve the cooler. To add on a cooler a ventilator is too easy and I like the silence when I'm working. My solution is depicted on figure below.

Procesor and cooler Silicon vaseline

On the processor is an aluminium block and on the block is aluminium profile. In Czech it is possible to buy these aluminium parts in metallurgy stores and it is cheap (about 3$). The surface of processor, block and profile is coated by cooler silicon vaseline.

My computer

On the picture above is "the trash" that I call the computer. But it is mine...
You can see three little squeezers. The middle one serves as the connection between the block and the profile. The second and third one serves as the connection between cooler and the pentium SOCKET 7. Squeezers drag female screws with wire loops hooked on SOCKED 7 juts. I've not made any calculation about the size of the cooler. But I can touch it without any pain so it is good enough.

All the best and good luck from Petr Simandl
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