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Photos and equipment

I'm keen on taking pictures so I'd like to show you that an equipment thanks to what you can see all photos on my page.
My first camera was Beirette that cost at that time about 50 east-german mark (about 5 USD). Then after a longer time I've got a compact camera. I was satisfied but there was one big disadvantage. The compact camera has its own "mind" and you can never get what you really want.

Praktica MTL3

When I've bought in a second-hand shop the Practica it was clear to me that it is not a mirracle solution and that there will be only bright future with perfect pictures. But on the other hand from that time that was only me who managed all the setting.

Praktica MTL3 face Praktica MTL3 back - arrows shows the light penetration

I've body Praktica MTL3 and zoom lens Prakticar 28-70mm. I usually use a 24DIN/200ASA film with an external Vivitar 2000 flash.

Flash Case Stand

Like I've already written above the body was not new. After a time on some pictures I've found some yellow smear that was caused by a light comming through the hinge of the back camera doors. Yellow color was caused by a yellow transparrent padding. I've fixed it and what was my surprise then when I've found a different smear. But the white one. I've found there a whole dedicated for a small screw but the screw was not present. Again it was in the hinge part. The solution was simple. I've placed a piece of black tape. From that time everything was all right.

Yellow smear White smear

Olympus Camedia 840L

Olympus Camedia 840L The pictures of my camera were made by digicam Olympus Camedia 840L. It was really pleasant work. For the web presentation it was perfect.

Communication cable
Link cable Link cable schematic
AC adaptor Olympus C-6AE
Olympus C-6AE Olympus C-6AE schematic
Current consumption

In the following table you can find some measured current drain parameters.

Mode Current Duration
Switch ON 500mA 500ms
Ready (ON) 3,9mA still
Ready + LCD ON 670mA still
Pressing the button half way 380mA still
Charging flash 230mA till ready (>2s)
Viewing pictures on LCD 510mA still
Communication with PC (index,transfer,erase) 218mA just during the actual operation

The current consumption is higher when there are more funcions at the same time. When you will charge flash, LCD ON and you will pres the button then the peak current will be given by the sum
Ready + LCD ON + Pressing the button half way + Charging flash that makes about 1,18A.

HP Photosmart 618

HP Photosmart 618

I wanted a digital camera with the possibility of manual setting and it was the reason why I bouught HP 618. It was said that the current consumption is the biggest disadvantage so I've measured it and the result is in the following table.

  Ready LCD ON Switch ON Switch OFF Action
PC connect 0,27A 0.73A 1.26A (impuls) 0.57A (impuls) 0.37A transfer HP > PC 0.48A transfer PC > HP
Review 0,63A 0.63A 1.26A (impuls) 0.88A (impuls) 1A change to another picture (few seconds)
Playback 0,63A 0.63A 1.26A (impuls) 0.87A (impuls) 1A change to another picture (few seconds)
Photo 0,27A 1.1A view
0.8A menu
1.30A (impuls) 1.52A (impuls) 0.45A motor of ZOOM 0.65A half way pressing
1.0A pressing - taking pictures (2s)

The high current consumption is really the only disadvange that I've found so I've bought a set of NiMH accumulators and charger and it seems to be solved.

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