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Ceska verze


In the following table are my song books typed in Ami Pro 3.0, but there is a plain text version too. In addition there are two Ami Pro macros. Both correct chords in songs and automatically turns chord numbers to superscript. The first one for Ami Pro text and the second one for HTML document. I've used the second macro to prepare songs on this page.
21PS songbook opened

21PS songbook closed
Text format File Size Content
AmiPro 3.0 95 kB The first part
T602 65 kB The first part
ASCII 65 kB The first part as plain text
AmiPro 3.0 82 kB The second part
T602 69 kB The second part
ASCII 68 kB The second part as plain text
AmiPro 3.0 82 kB The third part
T602 69 kB The third part
ASCII 68 kB The third part as plain text
AmiPro macros 4 kB Macros for correction of chord names in text and HTML document.

My songbooks are tied by a spiral. The only disadvantage of this is that it is not possible to change pages. But it is very easy to turn pages and it is possible to fold all songbook on any page. This type of binding is more durable than other ones.

Jazz quitar and Vecerka songbook closed Jazz quitar and Vecerka songbook open

Next lines are dedicated to those people who are publishing on the internet songs writen in M$ Word and by a proportional font. After an export, which is an adventure by itself, is a desired song corrupted and chords are completely out of the text of song.
My songbook document stile consists of three paragraph styles.
The first one is Nazev pisne. Font Times New Roman CE size 14. Used for a name of song. The second one is Zakladni text. Font Courier New CE size 10. Used for the text of song. The third one is Akordy. Font Courier New CE size 10 and bold. The spacing behind this style is a bit reduced to force chords closer to the text of song.

No pictures or similar nonsense in addition. Font Courier New CE is a bit "ugly" but it is not proportional. If a song is written using a font with all same size literals there is clear chord possition against song text. You can compare these two ways of song creating.

Non proportional font Proportional font
C                                 Dmi
Vune mori, vune kvetu, slunce zapada,
G7                               C
divky tanci, tvare hori a me napada:
F         Fmi  C           Ami   Dmi  G7
Copak asi dela moje sladka Lulu
      C       G7
z Honolulu
C                                 Dmi
Vune mori, vune kvetu, slunce zapada,
G7                               C
divky tanci, tvare hori a me napada:
F         Fmi  C           Ami   Dmi  G7
Copak asi dela moje sladka Lulu
      C       G7
z Honolulu
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